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Getting Help

Step 1

Know That This is
NOT Your Fault

Traffickers are professional manipulators.

No one asks to be abused or controlled, and no one deserves it, no matter what they think they may have done.

Step 2

Stay Safe

Do not confront or fight with the trafficker. They are often extremely dangerous, even if they don't seem like it.


Do not tell the trafficker that you're leaving. They may become violent or stop you.


If you can do it safely, hide a small amount of cash that you can take with you when you leave.


If you're not ready to leave, keep a cell phone hidden somewhere, so if you need to call for help, you can do so immediately. Hiding a phone in the lining of a purse is useful, and old cell phones with no service can still dial 911​.

Step 3

Don't Deal With
This Alone

Call 911

Tell a trusted parent, teacher, family friend, youth worker, social worker, religious leader, etc.


Contact the Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline (see below). It's free, confidential, and open 24/7. They can answer your questions, give support, or help you/your friend find a way to get away from the trafficker safely.​

Contact the Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline



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