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True Stories From Human Trafficking Survivors in Canada 

Meeting Their Traffickers


British Columbia

"When I was 13 I was recruited by my boyfriend. I was having some trouble at home. He told me there wouldn't be any rules if I lived with him. A week later I was sold."

Being Trafficked for the First Time

Renee, 15

Calgary, Alberta

"I was dating a guy. He said, ‘I’ll still love you, we just need money. Even if you just have sex with him, it’s OK. It’s just sex. I know you love me still. It’s just sex.’"

Why They Stayed


Toronto, Ontario

“I was told that five or six times they were going to kill me or they were going to kill my parents if I didn’t do what I was told. So that’s why I went along with everything, as much as I didn’t want to. I feared for my life and for my family.”

Getting Out


Toronto, Ontario

Kaitlin was in a car driven by her trafficker, when they were pulled over for speeding. Drugs were found in the car and once her trafficker was arrested for that, she managed to escape. She now leads a youth group in Toronto.

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